About US

2nd Of April 2010

Dear Partners,


In April 2009, myself with a group of selective professionals in the Transport Logistics industry have joined to form Middle-East Logistics & Consultants group "MELC Group" having the objective to advance the industry differently with higher visibility and transparency.


Our group selected to approach their clients as business partners, rather than acting as broker or commissioning agent. We have identified 2 main elements that are essential to today's businesses which are time & cost.


Our aim to optimize these two elements to shippers, customers and principals by tailoring solutions "Service by design", starting our approach from looking out of the box with bird's eyes view, analyzing data, managing details, planning structured solutions, and finally develop a complete system with sophisticated IT that enables entrepreneurs and executives to take accurately and timely  decisions.


Our scope of services covers the following different segments:

-       Shipping agents

-       Logistics solution to shippers

-       Consultancy

-       IT Solutions

-       Supply Chain Management


As shipping agents, we strive to optimize utilization to our principals in timely and cost effective manner. Our group is designated to think and act like the principal by prioritizing their interests, believing that a healthy principal leads to a healthy agent.


As logistic providers, we are committed to analyze and manage every detail of the supply chain, aiming to optimize every part of the chain with respect to time & cost, then providing a complete IT solution that enables monitoring, tracking and managing with clear visibility and transparency Backed up by our experienced professionals, we shall provide consultancy to investors aiming to explore investments in transport and shipping sectors.


We have also planned to guide our clients through innovative solutions on how to efficiently manage their supply chain as consultants. Also if they would like to move to a further level of partnership with MELC we shall offer to manage and administer their logistic chain.


We are not marketing our services; we are just doing business differently by acting as a preferred partner to our customers, we are confident to meet this challenge backed by our strong IT developers and logistics experts.


Sincerely yours

Karim Salama

Chairman of MELC Group